This page contains any links to websites or people I have mentioned throughout this site.

-Maddox - sweet, glorious Maddox

-This is where I got the awesome program for hosting my server: Xerver

-Awesome site with alot of free sublime downloads: Sublime Archive

-Awesome for downloading pornography. And some other stuff too: BearShare

-Go buy a CD or something: Amazon

-Mukwonago's Own BMX Enthusiasts (crazy white people): MuktownBMX.Com

-If you must talk to the bad assed rappers: Epical Giants

-A collection of images made by Mike Labodda (he helped me with the pics)

-A collection of images made by John Raufmann (he helped me with other the pics)

-My failure at a cool site for games: RavenRealms

-My failure at a cool Counter-Strike Clan Site: CSSUTS

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