Video Game Consoles
Console game systems blow. If you are walking down the street, and you hear somebody say "hey, I sure cant wait for the new (insert name of bullshit console) to come out", then you should immediately drop them to their knees kick that person in the throat. These consoles are ruining gaming for the world. Every one of their generations gets progressively closer to a fully functional computer. Whats wrong with a little advancement in technology, you ask? The answer is nothing. But, there is something wrong with the fact that all consoles are relatively cheap, when compared with their computer equals, yet, while a computer has an open and free license to do anything from create hardware devices, to creating games and software for, a console does not. The reason I care about this is simple: independant programmers. This sort of thing is unheard of in the blatant stupidity of the console world. Did you know you cant create a game to be played on a console without paying out the ass to do so? For the love of Pete, YOU created a game to support THEIR damn system! This effectively takes the small time game companies, kicks them in the groin, and walks away skipping/giggling. So much money in dues is paid to Sony or Microsoft, or even Nintendo that companies get afraid to start making creative products, always worried that the public might not like this new style of game, thus losing an assload of money. This means that people get like 3 different kinds of games with verry little variation to distinguish it from the other 10 right next to it. Now im pissed.

EDIT: The new X-Box 360 has come out, and it looks like I was all wrong. Consoles are way worse than I originally thought. In addition to the points mentioned above, read This Article. Its a detailed list of how consoles suck, and video games as a whole dont show much signs of improving.

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