My Studies Of Females
I have recently decided that I should do an in-deapth study on the illusive species known as the lady. What I have uncovered is simply extrordinary. All females, at some time in their lives, suffer from something called CWS. Its a clever acronym I created, and it stands for Crazy Woman Syndrom. At a certain time in a womans life, she gets to be what some people would call irrational or clinically insane. All women suffer from this debilitating illness, and it cannot be stopped or cured (unless through a means of heavy tranquilizers in doses not meant for earthly consumption, but this hasnt been tested yet.) Symptoms of this terrible sickness can include inability to form rational thoughts, extreme bitchyness, and loss of the ability to make up your freaking mind about anything. This is a serious illness, because most women often die from this disease, and it can last up to several months (576 months, to be exact) at a time. If you have any compassion in your heart, you will help stop this disease and kill off any female babies that you have helped create. Thanks.
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