I Enjoy The Occasional Video Game
The purpose of this page is to inform anyone who likes video games about the coolest ones out there. Would I lie to you? I probably would because chances are I dont like you, but dont even worry about it. Most of the games that I am going to talk about are free (because Im a cheap bastard) so dont worry about that either. So, skip the bullshit and play one of these games.

I guess Soldat has been out for a while, but I just recently descovered its buety. Picture a video game like a first person shooter, along the lines of Unreal Tournament or Counterstrike. Then take all that unnecessary 3rd dimension bullshit and throw it out the window. Take the good 2 Dimensions and put rocket boots on that shit. Now you have Soldat! Its such a bitchin game, and its free, and online. A good deal, I say. I told one of my friends about this game and he downloaded and installed it, but later told me that he uninstalled it because he was too dumb to get in an online game. The reason he gave me was that it wasnt "user-friendly." I think that if you need a user-friendly game, you should go to this website, that or die. Just download the game, its like 10 megs.

This game is freakin awesome too. I spose its like Soldat in a lot of ways in that it is a 2-d realtime shooting rapefest. But it plays alot different because its in freakin space. Also, it has a really unique energy/weapons/sheilds system that kicks ass. But, gameplay varries alot from one sever to another (wich is another simalarity with Soldat). My favorite server is called TrenchWars. This game is definitely worth the download.

Reflexive Arcade
So this isnt a game, but rather a publisher of really cool and really original games. I think its really cool that they can publish and distribute all these bitchin games, and give independant programmers a chance to expose their product. So when you get any of these games, its usually just a timed demo, with a serial needed to unlock the full game. If your cheap like me, then you wont buy the game anyway, and you should get the crack here. It should be simple enough to figure out, even though it isnt the most user friendly thing. Anyway, check out some of the cooler Reflexive games like Ricochet and Crimslomland, and Wik and the Fable of Souls.

Warcraft 3
This is one of those games that comes along once and a while, and it makes you want to cry. Weep, sob, get it all out, because I love this game. Its an awesome RTS, but online it becomes the ultimate of awesome games. The official ladder games can be really cool, you can do arranged teams, and you can win chat room icons depending on how many wins you have gathered. But what blows me away is the all of the custom maps there is! I have had the game since a few days after it came out in '03, and played it fairly solid until this day.

Half-Life 2
This game is just plain bitchin. I was just in awe playing the single player campain. I cant even explain how bitching this games phisics system is. But the coolest thing is, that there is so many mods out their for HL2s Source engine. Counter-Strike: Source for example.

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