Im A Scientist!
Most people dont realize this, but I have a degree in General Science. Well, its not as much a real degree as it is a degree because I say it is. Most colleges dont even let you study General Science because higher education is for Nazis. Cool people make up their own degrees, thus giving those people an edge over everyone else in their field.

Now I need to explain to you what general science really is. Tis quite simple: General Science is used to unconventionally explain the world through a given set of facts. Most people dont recognize it as a real science, though, because they say you cant "make up" your own facts or use "inadiquate or untrue" evidence in order to support a "ludicrus and somewhat homo-erotic" fact. These are the same people that say that you are unable to write scientific articles while "belligerently drunk." These people that doubt the power of General Science should be rounded up and thrown into a giant pit of smoldering death, and forced to fight eachother for all eternity. We can start with all the high school science teachers. They are the foremost haters of general science, and they always bitch about how I dont have a "real degree", which is complete nonsense because they themselves are Nazis and succubi, simply feeding off our souls and corrupting our minds for their own sick uses. Hey, someone had to say it.

General science does a lot of good to the world. Using general science, I proved without doubt that I am indeed most likely Immortal, and probably cannot be killed using any method that you now possess. I have also developed some theories to help better explain the world and how it functions. Most of these are listed right on my articles page.

Thats all I got for now, but more of my articles will feature this new and groundbreaking philosophy that we call General Science.

-Dan Kraft, PhD.

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