Yea, We Jam.
So, recently I have been going over to my friend Brads house to play musical instruments. Most of you probably already know who this Brad is, so Im gonn skip past talking about that fool. What we do is nothing short of glorious. We jam hardcore. Its just me playing a bunch of simple chords on my guitar, keepin the beat to Brad rockin the drums. Nothing complicated, yet its damn fun. We have had thoughts of starting a mediocre band. If we did, then we might get a gig sometime, but I doubt it. I digress. Its fun to just play our shit, then record it, and listen to ourselves rock. And, I happen to put alot of these songs we record on the internet for everyone to laugh at, so everyone wins!

I know that we sound sub-par, compared to some other bands around (such as Mason Lane) and I dont really have much of a hope of becomming as good as them, but I dont much mind. I have heard really bad bands making it big and becomming really popular, but most of them have an attractive teen singer in them. (eg. Hillary Duff, Avril Lavigne) I thought we might be able to do that, because im super attractive, and im kinda like a girl. But then I thought about how they sing a little better than me, and now I am discouraged. It doesnt matter, though. As long as people hear our stuff and say its kinda cool, then its all good. Anyway, I have pictures of the last jam session. It was fairly bitchin.

I do realize that these pictures are in terrible quality. Im gonna pretend that they were meant to be all blurry, as a cool effect, and not because we took them with a shitty camera only fit for Myspace pics.

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