This is My FUCKING Space
I never really liked myspace. I thought it was dumb. Then I saw how much Maddox doesnt like myspace. So now I really dont like it. I refuse to visit it because its full of a bunch of bullshit. A bunch of pre-teens in sexually suggestive poses is all that has going for it. Anyway, now I can run my own site and put whatever the hell I want on it. Who wants porn? talk to me.

I encourage everyone to go and set up their own sites, and not be little myspace whores. Even if your close to retarded, you can still run a website, I have seen it done. I have also seen some people butcher Myspace pages (somehow), so im not so sure about that. Try it anyway. Just go to Freewebs or something, because its easy as hell. And if your site sucks and noone ever comes to it, just leave it up. God knows how many failures of websites I have stagnating across various free site hosts. Anyway, have fun with stuff.

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