People Piss Me Off
I used to love people. There are a bunch of good people out there, and thats why I have always liked talking to all of them. But, it wasnt only until recently when I realized that there are some among us that are complete jack-asses. These poeple live to spite the rest of the world. I see it everywhere, and its an honest fact proven by general science. So, now your thinking "Hey, how could a person live just to piss off the rest of humanity?" Youre a fool. There are malicious and evil guys running around out their ready to smack you in the head with a hammer, or do some equally malevolent act. You gotta watch your back.

The person who triggered my wrath today was this punk at school. I hope that bastard dies a lonely and miserable death, and looks back and thinks "Maybe I shouldnt have been such a terrible ass and tried to spite all of humanity." I was wondering how this evil person was gonna spend the rest of his life hating humanity. Then it hit me! He will grow up, and get one of the following occupations: police officer, highschool science teacher, soccer mom, or polotician. This way he can be an ass his entire life, and have a damn good time doing it! Not cool. This way of life should be discouraged, with phisical force if necessary (and it always is.) We have to start beating up nearly anyone paid by the government, and any mom that attends all of her sons PTO meetings. It might seem a bit drastic, but I think that its the only way to stop these people. In conclusion; join in, and kick some ass.

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