Im A Pirate!
But Im not even talking about the cool kind of pirate, either. You know the ones that take anything they want but dont take shit from anyone, and sometimes they will rape your sister and whatnot. Im not a cool pirate like Maddox. I wish I were, though. I could like get a ship and sail eagle springs lake. I would find some old guy chillin on his pontoon boat and totally jump him. I would like park my ship behind an island and swim up to this guys boat all sneaky, with a knife bit down in my mouth. Holy shit that would be cool. I would climb that ladder and be all "ARRGHHHHH." The man would shit himself to death because I would look totally bitchin. I would like have a totally ripped abdomen and bulging muscles and shit, not to mention all the tatoos and beef jerkey and a knife that could skewer a damn bear. I would be all manly and smell like 5-week-old ass, but be totally sexy and whatnot. I would just jack pontoon boats for a living, and eat beef jerkey as well as small children.

But, alas, I am not that kind of pirate. I just steal like software and shit. I dont know when the last time I spent my own money on a video game or CD or movie. Anyway, I was just fealing shitty because of my complete disregard for any FCC regulations or anything. I was fealing like this because I think it would be awesome to make video games for a living, but in order to do that, people have to give you money. See, there is always a catch. But its not like I am actually stealing anything phisical. Nobody is going to miss their copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Because I jacked it. And, in actuallity, even the game developers or artists arent losing any money because im a cheap bastard. If I couldnt get it for free, I probably wouldnt have taken your stupid product. Does anyone understand what im ranting about? Anyway, if you do download any of the songs or anything, and like them, then go to or somthing to buy the CD. There, now my consceince is a little better.

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