I Gotta Go To School Tommorow
I was sitting here at my computer, scratching myself, when this thought hit me: Im not going to be able to live with this kind of pure ease and enjoyment for a long time. Im gonna actually have to do shit! My whole summer has been a complete waste of time, and I loved it. I didnt do a single damn productive thing the whole time, but it was a really good summer.

Alright, so I am so ready for school. I have my outfit picked out a and all my school supplies ready. I cant wait for it to start! When I get to school tommorow, Im gonna smile and say hi to EVERYONE! Its gonna be so fun I cant even wait for my classes to start!

Ah, its not really going to be like that. In reality, Im probably just going to go in my pajamas, really tired, with a cup of coffee in my hand. Chances are, im just gonna find a couple of friends, sit in a dark corner of school and bitch about how school is starting until the bell rings and I have to go to class. Then I will most likely cry until lunch, where I will play some sepa and then sob some more. I cant even wait...

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