School is over

And Im looking forward to one big crazy party of a summer. I have a dilemma, though. In order to party, I will need a job for money, but I cant party when some asshole is gonna be like "No, you cant take off again today. I dont care how drunk you were last night. Come in to work!" Thats injustice. I dont want any part of that shit. But, Summerfest admission is gonna be $15 this year, and there is the problem. That, and I just got a car that I dont know how to drive quite yet, and have to spend buttloads to fix it up.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to do one of two things; either get a job at some shitty restaurant, or sell my parents' shit on ebay for money. Thats all of my options for now. If anyone has anything better, let me know.

But, a job is gonna get in the way of my fun time. If I get involved in this big corporate rat race where will it end? I'm gonna end up being a wage slave working for some asshole who will promise to give me a promotion after another year of taking it in the pooper. I dont want another year of taking it in the pooper, I have been to public school already. But, I think I need a really good job. One where I can slack, and take off often. Im fine with minnimum wage, as long as its somewhat fun working there. I would like to work with people, somebody to talk to or something.

Now you find yourself thinking "Good, he is going to get a job. What is he really missing, anyway?" The answer: assloads. I mentioned this before, I want to have one big crazy party summer. I have quite a few goals I want to accomplish. Some are kinda big, some arent, but I think they are all equally important in their own right. Im gonna cross them off as soon as I complete them.

Summer Goals: What Im Gonna Conquer

Wake up every morning to a bowl of coffee and a cup of cereal.

Learn to speak basic German

Attend a full blown kegger party

Attend Summerfest at least 6 days of the 11 days: Failed

Find the most hassle-free way to make money that I can

Meet new people in new places

Learn to freestyle rap while playing guitar

Put alot of work into this website, get it known

Meet up with a girl that shares alot of my ideologies

Read the bible, and understand it

Figure out what to do with my life

Well, thats probably all I want to do this summer, but there might be more I add later. Wish me luck with this shit.
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