It was intense.

If you live in the northwest and you missed Summerfest this year, then you should be exiled from all society. Go live as a hermit on a deserted island. No one wants you, and even if they did they couldn't take you because you fester so much gay it's unimaginable. That is how much of a mistake you made. Shortly stated, Summerfest is the best thing to happen to Wisconsin since we killed all the indians. Native my ass.

There was something for everyone at this 11 day long party. Whether you were there for the beer, the drunk people, or even the alcohol, Summerfest had it all. There was music, too. Its kinda the self-proclaimed biggest music festival in the world, and Im not going to argue with them. I saw some crazy bands including Common, Lynard Skynard, Rusted Root, All American Rejects, and Flogging Molly. I also witnessed Lewis Black again. I have seen him at Summerfest like 4 times now. Oh, and I talked to this guy named Andrew Lynch who played a really cool style of music that I dont think I have ever heard before. It was fuckin wonderful.

I would have to say the best part, though, was meeting people. I talked to so many different types of people there, it was crazy. Its funny that hackey-sack is universally excepted by good people all around Summerfest. We had some circles filled with the most diverse crowd possible, and they were all cool. So, I spent alot of my time hackin it up with them. Because you plan on attending Summerfest next year, make sure to practice your sepa skills, as they are required to be cool.

I also met up with some people playing Quake 4 for free at this Intel/Dell Gaming tent. They had some cool music and free tournaments twice a day to win a copy of Quake 4. Needless to say, I (after 5 tries) won. Owner Dan is for the win, and now that stupid 12-year-old kid I beat for the tie-breaker knows it. Intense.

Im going to sum up my 5 days at Summerfest in a sentence. I saw great bands, almost got into a fight, asserted my dominance in video games, talked to some drunk people who gave me beer, saw two drunk girls make out, played sepa with and saw some shows with cool sober people, and spent about $60. But, thats a small price to pay for spiritual enlightenment.

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