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    If music itself had its own Myspace network, Splice would be it. If noises and sounds could make friends, and start dating and then stalking eachother(in that order), It would look a whole lot like Splice. Its that cool. The site has a full-featured audio studio! Kinda. It operates like FL studio with an extra chromosome, but thats beyond the point. The point is, people can freely share sounds and samples, colaborate on projects, and make something beautiful! I'm going to put some time into this site, and hopefully make the world a better place with my talent.

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    Fucking hooray! I've finally put the time into getting my bitching itnernet site of wonders back up! Theres a whole lot of redesign, more functionality, and more organization. But, all the old stuff will still work fine, and the new stuff that's commin up will blow your mind.

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